The Gillmen Dive Club















Kingston 2001
Photo by Jim Matulis (except the one he is in)


Above Captain Brian  says "lets go diving over there! , ah"
Uncle Norm says "where? That is a Tim Horton's donut shop!"

Dollar Dave has 2nd thoughts about getting on the boat                   
          Tony says " I don't care where! I just want to go diving!"


Dark beers. Uncle Norm had to be pulled from the vent   by the dive boat. A loud POP was heard on the surface.


 Left to Right
Wayne "WD40+" Duffy, Gerry "Fozzie" Foster, Jim "Get A Grip" Matulis, "Uncle" Norm Friday, "Cousin" Tony Amenta and "Dollar" Dave Reemsnyder.

         Uncle Norm Helps Jim get a Grip on himself.

        Two other Kingston dive boats operators

Birthday Boys:
When on the trips  it's  always someone's birthday. Actual birth date not effected, nor used.

Cisco Norm from South of the boarder at the Northern boarder.


Bandit Dave is lured into lying about his birthday, also .



Bullwinkle J. Duffy at Montana's

Will Paso Pete be next?

When will it all end?





Gerry at the German Beer Garden. No silly hat just a big grin